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A female PI babysitting for a boyfriend gets stuck with his daughter and the case of her murdered father.

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original title: V.I. Warshawski

genge: Action,Comedy,Crime,Mystery


imdb: 6

duration: 1h 29min

tags: Killer eyes. Killer legs. Killer instincts.


keywords: camerashotoffeet, footcloseup, femalestockingedfeet, pantyhose, chicagoillinois, detective, murder, strongfemalelead, strongfemalecharacter, evilman, personalcomputer, egg, blood, basedonnovel









































Disappointed in Murray, V.I. picks up a man in a bar. He hires her to look after Kat, his foul-mouthed daughter, while he goes to look into some shady business. He gets killed and Kat hires V.I. to find the killer. Victoria "V.I" Warshawski is a Chicago based private detective who agrees to babysit for her new boyfriend; then he is murdered. Being the detective type, she makes the murder her next case. In doing so she befriends the victim's daughter, Kat, and together they set out to crack the case. I like this movie, in spite of being a fan of Sara Peretsky's novels. Good acting all around and I especially enjoyed the little girl's foul-mouthed interaction with V.I. Some of the feminist overtones are overdone. One main note, though. Kathleen Turner was badly miscast as Warshawski. She is simply too beautiful, too elegant, to be V.I. Warshawski. Warshawski is much more average-looking, not ugly by any means, but definitely not beautiful. Turner put in a very good performance, but a different actress would have been more believable. This movie hates you. It likes to see you suffer. It wants to make you cry. If you watch it, it will inflict horrible pain upon you in so many nasty ways. It will punch you in the nose, kick you in the groin, strenuously apply a ball-peen hammer to your kneecaps, extract your teeth in slow motion, and assault you with a hail of noogies, wedgies, and Indian sunburns. If you are a masochist, see this movie! Watch it over and over, rewinding frequently and going through the really stinky parts in slow motion.

But if you're like the rest of us, avoid this movie like armpit lice! It means to do you terrible harm, I tell you!

I think this movie hates Kathleen Turner, too. It certainly made her look stupid...

Rating: 2 on my Manos scale


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